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Scrrrrrrrrrrrrracth. - wuddup willyum

Apparently i have brought you up.  That's how long it's been.  Wow.... I really need to learn the concept of moving on.

You are so pathetic.
God, he's so perfect for you.
He brings nothing to the relationship,
He has nothing going for him,
He is such a sad pathetic puppy,
But apparently that's okay with you.
You are meant for each other!

For someone so smart, you'de think you'de see past the shady demeanor and maybe recognize the sacrifices some of us are taking for you.

Hey, good luck.

God, I changed my name for you.
I've really thrown myself down with the dogs.

You're not hiding me?
Don't fuck with me.

Gee, I sure would hate to see your little secret leak out......

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