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insomniac - wuddup willyum
Why don't people like me?
Why am I so easy to drop?
Why can't I get my chance?
Why don't people care?

To be in love?
The would be a change and an adventure I am so ready to be in.
Yeah, Im young and have so long to find someone to be with the rest of my life,
But is it a crime to want to have a relationship when I'm young?

Regardless of my desires,
I'm learning that  f a t e has her own plan for me
and it involves a lot of rejection.

I've always said said that I;m so insecure...
But now you've got me thinking that I'm too arrogant.

What could I have done?
I'm doing all that I know how to do.
If being nice and genuine is a turn off...
I don't know what I''m supposed to do.

Why am I so disposable?
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