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wuddup willyum
1.  that I have not brought you up before.

2.  That you are such a deceptive prick.
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You have no fuckin' clue what you are giving up.
I refuse to waste myself on you.
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Where the fuck did i go wrong?

Just wondering, because I'm pretty sure I'm in this state of mind where I don't know what the fuck I am feeling and I don't like it. 

It's not possible to have the tables turned is it?
They can't ever go through what I am going through, huh?
It's the same old process,
it's a constant story.

Let's get some spontenuity into this bleak life.
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, the one with his head in the clouds.
For I'm just hoping and prayin', just like the song.

I'm losing friends.
My grades are slipping.
I'm getting in the middle of things.

I don't think I care,
because I'm moving in a couple of months.

So can well just accept the fact that I ruin relationships (in more ways than one) and they never end in my favor?
Let's all applaud the incosiderate douche bag on this side of the screen.
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And I'm fuckin' awkward, I'll admit to that.

But I don't think I can handle another rejection.

After all, I'm just a fickle little boy.

Current Mood: discontent discontent

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